Sunday, 9 June 2013


Could it be June already?
Somehow the first half of the year has been consumed with all sorts of things other than blogging. Exhibitions at the gallery (more on this next time), school, weddings, sculpture, cooking, painting and all the more mundane day-to-day things.

Although I feel like I am too pushed for time to read, bake, watch and play (and therefore blog), my iphone has been my constant companion, so the quantity of photographs remains steady!

This post contains some pics I was really pleased with. Some random, some orchestrated...












What do you think? Which one do you like?


  1. ooooh love the light post AND the one with the
    magpies & the cobwebs & the autumn leaves between
    the buildings & that pressed ceiling ....
    oh heck - all of them!!
    diane w

  2. Too hard to choose - looks like you have saved a 1/2 years work to share - wow!! Like them all!! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks Wyn, yes - it was a bit of a catch up job sharing the photos. Do you take pictures as well as your painting/drawing?