Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week Three - a pic a day, mostly

Looks like some of us are struggling to keep up with a pic a day...I am still finding it a great excuse to carry my camera around and take snaps of all those lovely little details you notice while life is whizzing by...

The theme decreed for this week was INTERIOR/EXTERIOR, what do you think?

Next week (week four), is themed HORIZONTAL LINES. With this in mind, all is saw today while out on a country drive was vertical it may be a great challenge!

Here's cheers!

From Jase - 
dear Jase, who forgot the theme, but still produced something beautiful and vaguely relevant...xx

From Ali - pics inside and outside of number 11...THE place to hang in Tharwa!

From Amber...

And me...

And now it is nearly time for me to watch my Sunday  night crime TV...if Neridah and Malinda submit I will add them in a post ASAP. Till next week...horizontal lines

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Week Two - photo-a-day

Here's week two. Most of us have seen a theme naturally evolve in the 7 week we can step it up a bit and work towards a common theme. From tomorrow onwards its INTERIOR/EXTERIOR...

Neridah - all from the mobile again...


Jase - aroundQueenstown in the snow

Amber - interior scenes...

Ali - dusk and dawn

And me - mostly pastels

Thanks for looking!