Saturday, 11 June 2011

pondering pins

Welcome to my first ever blog...I hope it entertains or inspires you in some small way. I'd like it to retain a strong botanical thread, but do forgive me if I wander off into other territory!

This past week I have been pondering pins as I have been lucky enough to be part of an eye popping exhibition on at ANCA Gallery, Dickson called PIN Wonderwall. The miniature art works range the full spectrum of available materials and media - paper, glass, metal and precious stones, found objects, fabric, ceramics, wood and fur!

For me it was a wedding floristry a PIN is a corsage or buttionerre, fully wired and constructed, originating from the Ancient Greeks who used flowers and herbs to ward off evil spirits during wedding ceremonies In Victorian times nosegays were used by finely dressed women - they were a fragrant bouquet of flowers, a flower bud, or a bow placed on the corset between the breasts, hence the name corsage for a cluster of flowers worn around that general area! And of course, the boys get in on the act now, with matching blooms...

So my recent pins have been made with plant materials and a few found objects like paper and beads...when I looked at photos of them I was surprised to see some echoes of previous miniature works...dug way, way out from the archives!

Thanks for visiting!

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