Saturday, 23 July 2011

A visit to the Australian National Botanic Gardens today got me thinking about all the amazing native plant materials available from wholesalers for bouquets and arrangements. Even in the depths of winter there were funky colours and shapes everywhere. Gum leaves, gum blossom and gum nuts (seeded gum) are all favourites of mine year-round to compliment roses, but there's a whole spectrum of shapes, textures and the most amazing colours out there to use.



Gardeners will already know Kangaroo Paw, Paper Daisies, Geraldton Waxflower and lots of varieties of Banskia, but also readily available are Flannel Flower, Ericas, Waratah, Boronias, Tea Tree and even Sturts' Desert Peas and Christmas Bells at the right end of the year!

Add some twisted vine, branches or chunky leaves and you have an intriguing and unique arrangement. Following are some native-based creations of mine over the years - 




In my opinion the best grower/wholesaler by fa country mile is Craig at Eastcoast Wildflowers (Sydney)

Also, in my opinion - the best photographer of native flowers and plant materials - Gary Heery (pics below)





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