Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pink and Green stuff

I've been loving the spring change and my little daily tours of the garden to check on what's come up, what's about to open and what is nearly finished. It's made me want to get creative, here's the inspiration - 

 Rhododendron (snipped from a friends' garden)

 Ti Tree - double petaled

 Ti tree - single, I think I prefer it.

 Echevera, with stunning spires of bell-shaped flowers


Seaside Daisy...for when I wish I was by the seaside

 I love pink and green, and I love sewing (in straight lines only please), and I love Liberty prints and vintage fabrics. So I spent the other afternoon making these bunting flags which seem to be plentiful and trendy at the moment in mags, blogs and some stores. The idea was I would use them to decorate a little promotional table I am having at a Wedding Fair in a few weeks at The Brassey, a nice little 1920's boutique hotel.

But I love, love, love them - I want to make some for outside and some for the front door, and the boys rooms' and for gifts...

 If my Lilac bush was flowering (as it should be right now), then I think I would have been tempted to go for a pink and purple colour combo, which would have made me smile and taken me right back to being 6 years old when "pink'n'parple" was my standard response if asked my favourite colour. 
Do you ever wish to be a child again?


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  1. love the bunting - did you use bias binding for the top ??or did you cut up some fabric??you have given me an idea for under the patio ---mmm
    love diane