Sunday, 2 October 2011


Last weekend I had a lovely wedding job out of town, with a relaxed country theme for the bridal flowers and table arrangements. The buzz words for the day were poppies...herbs...fragrance and that just picked from the garden look - which of course takes one florist and one trusty friend all morning to pull off!
In addition to getting the Iceland Poppies which the bride was desperate for, I was able to get Lily of the Valley - one of the sweetest, fragrant and tiniest bloomed flowers going. So that kept me happy!


leftover Lily of the Valley with trusty prop - moss bunny

 the table arrangements were carefully planned by the bride to incorporate a variety of found glass jars and specimen vases, on vintage doilies and filled with fragrant stuff. The cake table and sweets table (a wafting smorgasboard of delicious homemade sweets, lollies, chocolates etc which drove us mad whilst setting up) had matching arrangements.

   Below are a few in the same specimen jar style from Martha Stewart Weddings...these are so interesting, relaxed and uncontrived but can sometimes present a headache for caterers and guests alike due to the "fidli-ness" of so many components on the table. If there's not plenty of room for all the flatware, silverware and glassware (not to mention bomboniere and gesticulating hands of happy guests) then there may be bumps and spills. To retain the casual look without sacrificing practicality, my tip would be to contain grouped vessels on a vintage silver or cut-glass tray, or even rustic wooden breakfast trays or tin drinks trays. Otherwise to restrict most of the vases to low and wide based shapes. Obviously Martha need not follow my tips...

And finally a little flourish outside on the guests chairs, and HUGE thanks to my friend Jackie for doing all the running round and being great company on the day! X

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