Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sweet summer berries

It's summer, although the weather is not always reflecting that! I'm all for living by the seasons, so we have been doing plenty of summer stuff. 
Ducking to the beach whenever the smallest window of opportunity presents itself.
Eating meals outdoors.
Staying out to see the sun set.
Wearing thongs.
That sort of thing. Have you been doing summer stuff?

Here's a few snaps of what's been going on around here...

GLORIOUS sunsets, and helpful cats in the garden...

Big, bad tomatoes, but still green sadly...

weird pods (after Zantedeshia Lilies, commonly known as Calla or Arum Lilies) and funky patterned leaves

And beautiful ripening strawberries. Of course they taste better than store bought...they taste like summer!
This got me thinking about using berries in wedding flowers. Berries like unripened Blackberries (green)  and Privet berries (any shade between lime green and frosty blue/black) are readily available to florists and often used in bouquets or compact table arrangements. I've also used cut limes and branches of cumquats in arrangements before. Here are some brave botanics designs I've made up in the past - 

 lush looking spray of Delbard roses, tulips, anthuriums, lotus pods and figs

 rosehips included in a buttonhole for the lapel. This one below is Snowberry - the most beautiful, whimsical little berries with a blush of pink or green on them. So pretty, and I saw some just this week as I was driving out of a friends' driveway....

 this bouquet from Martha Stewart of course!

And finally, summer time means more time with the kids and we have had some lovely, lovely moments and relaxing days with the boys. Last weekend Bryn came with me to the markets and in the middle of the shopping decided he would buy me a bunch of flowers!!! 
"with my own money, Mum."

What a sweetheart, I have to say this kids' emotional intelligence is through the roof.


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  1. hi Nell
    love the vegie garden !
    and love the cats - i miss poor old aliza and
    tallulah - sigh - but john says no pets til
    we do some travelling!! like right, and when
    is he going to retire?????