Wednesday, 1 February 2012

the ART thang....warning - a long post!

How great is art? 
I love it. Seeing it, appreciating it, critiquing it, and especially absorbing it via the great outdoors, or through the arty types themselves. I have met some really, really interesting people through my work, and loved getting an insight into their practice.

A little dinner party last night degraded into a rather entertaining critique of the artworks hanging round here, so I thought I would share! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course. Apologies to some of the artists whose names, or names of artworks I cannot remember. Bad form I know, I will try harder next time.

 Collected framed works, incl. a nice little Norman Lindsay

A G Stokes

 the family gallery!

photography by me!
  something by Rhys
 and something by Bryn!

  recent work by Nicci Haynes

 feathers by Heike Qualitz

 a collection of miniatures

including letter press Fluerons by the fabbo Ampersand Duck

 tiny paper plane work by Trish Roan
 another beautiful, mechanical work in a jar by Trish Roan

  miniature Hymn to the Stone, Peter Jordan

 G L Wyatt

In Bud, recent work by Julie Bradley

 tiny assemblage by Neil Thomas

 detail, as above

 Game Over, broadside print by Natalie Azzopardi

 as above, version two!

 detail, as above. 

 photograph on canvas, PW (can't remember...oooops).

I also have a tidy little collection of these awesome glow in the dark resin light globes, by Bjorn Godwin.

So that's what's hanging around!

Last week I started my new job, which has lived up to my expectations (phew). 
Here's the view from our office...that's right!

 fake fish AND wildflower garden at the front...

Today I rode my bike to work, and home again this arvo...and it doesn't get much better than that!


  1. oh wow Nell - love the ampersand piece! and the
    little things in jars and of course Family stuff!
    and your VIEW!!!! i wanna go to work too!!!!!
    love diane

  2. Yay, so happy your new job is starting well... what a great view! I must come down and lunch like a lady.

    Thanks for all the lovely art profiling... A quick note to anyone who admires the Natalie Azzopardi broadsides... there are still some left and they are a very good price! Contact me for details.

    :) (sorry, any opportunity to pitch them!) xx