Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blown away by Bob and art

Yesterday I attended a lecture at the School of Art  ArtForum, ( as a ring-in) by Senator Bob Brown, on Environment and Art. 

If you ever get the chance to hear him speak take it - rather than being preachy, overly political and doom and gloom, it was inspiring, gentle and encouraging. Positive. The overall message was to stop, look around, appreciate the amazing things on the planet everyday, to respond to them creatively and to turn that love and appreciation into respect and therefore, logically into conservation.

I have a few environmental heroes, but I think Senator Brown has just usurped them all for the moment. I was speechless, and so not too many more words on this blog post!

However...I managed to take his advice and get out into the world to see some amazing things - not the Tasmanian Wilderness unfortunately, but the Petite Public Art tucked in and hidden around Civic as part of the YOU ARE HERE festival.

 funky funghi by Jonathan Webster

 trademark crystals by Al Munro

 cheeky snails by Fiona and Adam Veikkanen

 something to give flight to your dreams, by Jacqueline Bradley

 It was great. I missed some stuff as I my parking meter was a-ticking but it was well worth the wander. You should check it out. Then head to the wilderness.


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  1. nell, bob is my hero - ever since i heard him
    speak late at night on radio in parliament about
    the euthenasia bill - a long while ago, but his
    clarity,CALMNESS while in discussion was wonderful-
    the artwork looks good too! like the wings!
    `up to day 75 of owls!! ho ho