Friday, 30 March 2012

bits and pieces of yellow

Sometimes I seem to suffer from colour blocks - not sure if that term adequately describes it, a sort of pre-occupation with a particular colour where I start to notice it everywhere, use it and wear is happening to me now with yellow...which I am finding a bit strange as a few weeks ago, I didn't really love yellow. There you have it...

 working outside on a table while yellow leaves fell from the tree may have acutally been the start...

here are some recent paste-ups in Civic, mostly by byrd I think. My first thought..."that wall is the same colour as my badge"
bits and pieces of yellow...badge (from recycled book cover) by Ampersand Duck, and retro plastic beads. I nearly bought yellow tights today but I restrained myself...I am thinking instead of a way to upcycle a bright golden yellow knitted woollen jumper given to one of my grandparents when it was their golden wedding anniversary.

even Lake Jindabyne had a sunny yellow glint to it when we stopped in on the way back from a wedding delivery.

This was the inspiration...a delivery of big bundles of lichen covered branches, the type you see in the bush around the Snowy Mountains

 that was the result...

Next post: Material World...the day after

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