Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Looking at shadows

To contemplate is to look at shadows. 
Victor Hugo.

Aesthetically there is a lot I like about shadows.
They are sharper or fuzzier versions of their objects.
They often produce a more intense colour where they fall.
They are stretched, exaggerated and abstracted in a lovely way!

I have been finding them unexpectedly and searching them out purposefully a lot lately, and have therefore been very contemplative! One of my favourite shadow pictures is this one, a fairly old photo from a road trip to a beach many years ago, it still brings a smile.

in a similar style, this lovely one of the boys in the moment when they are aware of their figures shadowed and captured in the rockpool. I love the deepened colours of the sandstone where their joined shadow falls.


 as well as catching your own shadow, there are lots of lovely abstract shadows created in the natural environment...



Another of my favourite things, is the shadows cast by sculptures. Do you notice these when you see three dimensionsal stuff in a gallery? Those above are from my little PIN sculptures.

I saw these in a great exhibition down at The Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne. Wall sculptures made from a conglomerate of found lace by textile artist Louise Paxton.

 and from the web, pinned onto some of my very lean pinterest boards*.

Aren't they beautiful and whimsical?

*Unfortunately on pinterest, there are often no credits for images/artworks and so I am unsure of who these these two works were made by. The bottom one had a label L J Maxx, which I will run with today!


  1. Love your shadows! A very other intriguing dimension to all the work!! Wow!!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! Do you notice shadows too?

  3. Hi Narelle,

    This bottom one (Doors and wall shadows) is my image. I am Lj Maxx. I want to Thank you for giving proper credit. Not much of that happening these days. You have a terrific site and I am pleased to see this here. Most of all ... Thanks for the name credit added. Very Pro! :)

    photo -prints -cards etc. available at