Saturday, 5 May 2012

Snap happy

With the closing of the big project (Material World as previously discussed) and things quietish on the wedding front, I have been doing nothing much more than walking, collecting, looking, and snap, snap snapping pics as I have finally become a convert of instagram

I have stopped carrying my camera around with me every day. I have started snapping at every tiny little detail of awesomeness I stumble across. As well as the fairly ordinary. I have read up on how to improve your mobile phone photography. I have joined someone elses' photo a day challenge, which is really no challenge at all as I take rather a lot more than one a day.

As you'd notice from some of the pictures, I have been stealing a few moments to work on small (read: achievable) projects - a new scarf for winter, some multi purpose pom poms, and knotted jute pot hangers. All will become crystal clear when they are used for future projects - rePIN and The Great Gallery Garden.

Also as evidenced in the pictures, we stole away from Canberra (to Lake Crackenback in the Snowy Mountains) to enjoy some of the beautiful autumn sun...I am relying on those golden, kodachrome coloured memories to sustain me through the grey which is just around the corner!

Enjoy the last autumn leaves...


  1. Love your images - it is great to see some autumn colours - I'm based in the tropics so miss the leaf drop and burnt orange of the mountains!! Wow - glad to have discovered you - I came via Tanya Stubbles Blog!! Cheers!!

    1. Thanks Wyn, very kind words! I am sure you have a whole loads of shades of greens and blues to compensate for the lack of autumn tones!!!