Saturday, 17 September 2011

Much busy-ness, and only a little art and flowers...

There has been much busy-ness lately, with things on the work and home front going crazy and completely overwhelming me, so I feel like there have not been many moments for stopping to smell the roses so to speak.

A couple of weeks a go I did get to visit a friend in Sydney and check out an exhibition of awesome-ness which married some of my favourite things - sculptures, old buildings and the great outdoors. This was the Willoughby Sculpture Prize, at the Incinerator Art Space, a Walter Burley Griffin designed building. Yay for WBG.

 Unfortunately for you the exhibition is over and only the memories remain...see below! There were some artists I knew in here too, which just makes it even better!

Geoff Farquhar-Still, Temporary Monument IV

Soozie Coumbe, Natures Toilette Brushes Series 1-3

 Anita Larkin, At a Loose End

 Janet Tavener, Out of the Mould.

Emily McIntosh and Marcus Dillon, Rethink and Reclaim

Maryann Mussared, Blue Buoys

 Bronwyn Berman, Banksia Woman
Marguerite Derricourt Paper Moths
Because of the sheer brilliance of my host, we did get close to smelling the roses - we window shopped the annual David Jones Spring window displays in the city...some interesting installations but awful photographs by me, sorry.
 Louise, intrepid landscape designer and partner in crime

 roses, tulips and a whole lotta baroque stuff...and Emu eggs...

seed pods and Cymbidium orchids
 more orchids

 And speaking of marrying things (see second paragraph!!!) its full steam ahead wedding season here at brave botanics...

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  1. Nell, I love the banksia women!!probabley cause i;m the same shape!!! very motherly shape as jodie says!!
    just remember to breathe girl!!
    love you