Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nearly Spring

A few months ago my Dad and Husband put up a shed in the backyard. 
Partly for storage (camping gear, bikes, tools etc) and partly for workspace - but I've taken it over with a wall dedicated to the storage of vases (!!!!!!!) and a workbench. My shed!
I have grand plans. And check out the view from my window...does it get any better than this?

Oh yeah, it does - on the walk back to the house...

 These little miniature daffodils are named tete-a-tete, a friend gave a pot of them to Dad years ago when he came out of hospital as a cancer survivor and ever since then I've grown them as a pretty reminder to be grateful for what and who you have around you - and for surviving the near misses.
Happy Fathers Day to the fathers in my life!

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