Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Walking in Weston....

Today I found myself with a spare hour between the morning madness of rushing around home to get everything and everyone, dropping the kids at school, and then cruising into another day at the office. In an unusually spontaneous moment (as I faltered in the three lanes of traffic creeping up to Parliament House) I decided to shun the usual round-the-lake walk, and merged off to the left in favour of Yarralumla...Weston Park more specifically. 

I love it there. All green, in all different shapes and sizes planted in 1914 by T C G Weston, Canberras' first Afforestation Officer. What a title! Anyways, I'm glad he planted back then...its a great part of the lake shore now. 

 Blue skys...

foliage and vines...

these Camellias were the size of big saucers, and they really remind me of the type of thing that was in my Nannys' garden in the Blue Mountains.

 blossom everywhere...

and a little patch of violets...

At the end of the walk I still had a few minutes to grab a coffee down in the main street at a new-ish establishment - Farmers Daughter.
I got some funny looks (as I was in my trackies), but the coffee was great. I especially loved the chairs painted bright yellow and the long timber tables and up on the serving bar were macarons* lined up in a rainbow of colours. Next time...

* I dont know wether its macarons or macaroons...but I'm hoping my cous Bron will read and correct me.


  1. hi nell beaut pics! i love the white trunks reflected and its macaroons - i think?
    diane xx
    ps you always cheer my day!!!

  2. Great walk!

    I know the little coloured things you mean (I even met the lady who makes them!) and I'm pretty sure they're macarONs. MacarOOns are coconut thingies.

    But I could be wrong :)