Thursday, 3 November 2011

busy, busy...

It's been busy, busy here at brave botanics. How about you?This feels like the first clear 5 minutes for a while now, so a chance to add some more photos.
The Wedding Fair at The Brassey Hotel came and went, and I finished off the day with a drink in the gorgeous, green courtyard area listening to some live jazz, which they host every Sunday arvo there from about 4pm onwards. So nice to sit and soak up the atmosphere of the old place and reflect on the day ...

It is a funny old hotel, formal but also quite homely...that does sound like a contradiction, but maybe I just got comfortable really quickly! I'm thinking G&T in the plush tub chairs, overlooking the manicured gardens and edges...

So, the Wedding Fair. Lots of lovely brides, and plenty of grooms, bridesmaids, sisters, mothers and various other types of hangers on - which we love! Everyone has an opinion, but happily no bridezillas on the day! This is how I set up my little stand - I wanted it to look like a bit of a spring fair - plenty of pink and fragrance.I had David Austin roses, Flannel Flowers, Orchids, Lilies, Peonies, Freesias etc.

A funny thing happened though. 
The hotel provides table flower arrangements as part of their packages for wedding receptions and they use a local purveyor of fine flowers, no names. So he is all booked in and confirmed to deliver - this is the bi-annual showcase for the hotel of what they provide and their chance to show off - all polished, i's dotted and t's crossed...and he doesn't turn up. 
15 minutes til opening. 
They call him - he forgot. They ask if he can whip something up - he says no, sorry.


So I got the gig of rushing out into the old fashioned gardens, clippers waving madly and having pick of the plants. The selection of vases (I use the term loosely!!!) scavenged from all corners of the hotel  was quite funny, but I was very happy to be snipping massive open rose blooms, and lavender, rosemary and leaves and especially happy to be helping out the Brassey team, one of whom I know reasonably well from my other job at the gallery. 
But really, I cant believe that a supplier who already had a commitment in the form of a guaranteed, standing order would be so unreliable and blase. It sounds like blowing my own trumpet, but I can tell you I would never say that to a client, and if I had forgotten or run out or whatever, I would be hot-footing it into the closest farmer's market, or woolies or order to deliver on the promise. 

Anyways, I have posted this all topsy-turvey, with the ending at the beginning and visa-versa, but you get the idea. Great venue, great brides, great day.



  1. love the roses with the flannel flowers -
    and what a jerk!! what are the hotel going to do about him? not very reliable

  2. agree with Diane

    love the fannel flowers with the roses.

    I reckon The Brassey Hotel should probably change flower providers to Brave Botanic's (who would do that, not good for their reputation)

  3. I agree!! They should offer you the gig! loving the david austin roses x