Wednesday, 9 November 2011

colour everywhere

There've been zaps of colour everywhere lately...I'm just waiting for them to energise me into action for the silly season which looms in the back of my mind like a bit of a gloomy cloud*.

 we had champers with my beloved cousins...with a funky FINK bowl on the side...

they brought this super-special Molis Azalea from their garden for me...

 and in between gallery work and weddings I have been reading some great blogs - Pip from Meet Me at Mikes (Melbourne) has a lovely, friendly style and heaps of cute ideas for making stuff. And over at Marimekko  I found this (which combines two of my great loves - pink flowers AND hot air balloons),

and learnt how to make these, for christmas wrapping I think. 
Bryn and I also had a little crafternoon, and sewed a couple of bags out of felt, ready for christmas goodies for school teachers. There will be more of these to come, no doubt.
Have I mentioned how much I love my garden when it's all wild  - blooming, climbing and drooping with flowers?



*I don't mind Christmas, it's just the panicky weeks leading up to it where I cant seem to remove myself from the building stress of making sure everything is finshed/made/bought/posted/wrapped/cooked/hidden etc. and everyone is kept happy. They usually are.


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