Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hanging gardens and Thyme bombs

Hey check this out...
the results of a few weeks planning (i.e talking, chewing over ideas, web surfing and delegating shopping lists for materials) and a very productive afternoon in the sun with some lovely girls, out in our favourite outskirts location...Tharwa. 

1. The inspiration. String Gardens 

2. The ingredients - chicken wire, fresh moss, twine, various plant materials like trailing, flowering annuals (e.g petunias, geraniums), succulents (all the usual little rosette ones plus zygo-cactus), herbs (like parsley, thyme and strawberries) and we even put seeds inside some of them.

3. The method - varied - you can make a shape, line it with moss, fill it with soil, enclose it and then tuck the plant materials in

OR you can make a ball of soil around the root systems, wrap a layer of moss around it and bind with twine. G&T obligatory on both methods.

OR apply the same concept to other objects and forms - this little old chair is going to have a "blooming" seat of thyme, heartsease and geranium.

4. The results... works in progress no doubt as they fill out and lush up.

When you're finished...put your feet up (wherever you can), have a celebratory drink and survey all the green, hanging goodness!

The great thing is we all made something different with our own spin - mine were pretty full of flowering stuff, Michelle's were neat little bound balls of herbs, Leila's were imaginative diversions from the theme like a flowering pillow and bag shapes, Libby's were loose spheres of edible stuff and Ali fought with barbed wire to make another garden sculpture!

The possibilities of hanging gardens seem endless -  these take my breath away - all images from The String Garden (web and facebook details as above) 

I am definately making some more of these - watch out if you are on my christmas list...

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