Tuesday, 27 December 2011

endings in the gallery

A weird week, as it was my last official day at work on friday before a beautiful break with few plans, and then my new job next year. Did you know about my last show in the gallery?

It was crazy and a bit risky, but all turned out for the best and was such a high note to finish on. When I curated WALLWORKS, I invited a little group of artist to come in and work directly on the gallery walls - paint, draw etc and this is what they came up with.

The Drifters by Paul Summerfield

Here's what happened to my office - 

and here's what happened to the store room - 

Wall Works, a constructed wall complete with windows, doors, letterbox and eventually  a pile of discarded items including a TV, by Byrd and Hoon.

A 'bilateral' drawing (using both left and right hands drawing the same thing at the same time) by Tess Horwitz, which produced some lovely, interesting marks

An epic, story-like mural Loves Last Lesson, by Mariana del Castillo, Alex Asch and Gus McGrath consuming one entire wall of the gallery!

And the ghostly falling figures of Nicci Haynes, both on walls and floor!

I feel like it was such a boon to be given license to curate a show like this, and an honour to work with the artists on the project. Each time I stepped into the gallery to check up on them, it took my breath away and I will be grateful to them for contributing to WALLWORKS, which inadvertantly became my swan song at ANCA.

I will also of course, be grateful to the "painting guy", who begins his resurfacing work on January 11.

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