Friday, 9 December 2011

Sea Change

That predicted time of change and turmoil has hit (see previous post "Its been a while") and things are amping up towards the end of the year.

I have grabbed the bull by the horns and resigned from my job at ANCA, to take a position as Gallery Coordinator at Tuggeranong Arts Centre in the new year.

It is a completely different arts organisation to ANCA and I will miss all of "my" studio artists, but will be really pleased to focus on gallery stuff rather than arts admin for a change. The new job presents significant challenges, but also has an office overlooking the lake!! It's quite a lot closer to home, so this move is a conscious shift towards a simpler routine and a smoother daily existence for us as a family.  

And...all things going well, I will get to ride my push bike a LOT more often (around the lake in my lunch hour for example), which is one of my favourite things to do. To celebrate, I am going to get myself one of these helmets-of-awesomness by Danielle Baskin on etsy.

 Anyways, Rhys and I took a trip to the folks down the coast on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the sea change, even just for one day! We helped them put up their tree, which is not over the top, despite the light up fibre optics at the ends of the faux pine needles! 

 We are spending Christmas (a few days) with them this year, which is a departure from the norm and after some beachcombing were struck with a moment of brilliance - a low key, natural kind of christmas tree for home - also something of a departure!

The boys were a little sceptical - they still like the annual fight with boxes of fairy lights, tinsel and stuff, but Mark was whole heartedly on board and I certainly felt like a change and the chance to hone it down to something like a breath of fresh air.

It's rather minimal, but I think we pulled it off! Natural, airy and quite low key, with lichen covered branches, shells strung on with twine, a few wooden ornaments and mini baubles. The first time I caught a glimpse of it across the room I had a lovely sense of calm - that breath of fresh air I was looking for!

I did add some fabric pom-poms, and then I got to thinking about how cool that would be another year - a completely pom-pommed tree! I saw a great window display in Melbourne years ago, and several variations on the theme on the internet.

How cool!

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  1. Love a pom-pom! I have one Santa decoration sitting on a shelf, and that's enough for me. Maybe next year I'll put out a pom-pom too ;)

    Your tree is gorgeous. Your career move is exciting. Yay!