Friday, 30 December 2011

Lists of lists...

Today has been an odd day, I have a list of reasons why.
There's been pain ( I managed to pull something in my back), disappointment, sadness and tears....and that's all just been me and I am not usually a drama queen! 

I let some people down, who of course forgave me and have then been thinking about my Nanna, who passed away a year ago tomorrow. I wont forget in a hurry wishing Bryn happy birthday as he woke last year, knowing that I had such sad news to tell that same morning.

I have such fantastic memories of Nanna, who I think was a real stand out woman for her time. I was lucky enough to have some time to sit with her and record some of her stories and opinions in the year or so before she died, I might have a listen to them again tomorrow. As far as I can remember Nanna had an answer to everything, and it certainly was never good enough to say it's too hard, I can't or maybe not. She was a do-er, that's for sure and expected the same from others. Along with my parents, I would count her as one of the "forces" (my cousins will be laughing!!!) that shaped me. I miss her lots and many, many times when things crop up in the day to day, I think to myself - I wonder what Nanna would have done?

So, I love lists...every day... and am taking a leaf out of some other blogs to write a list of recent good things. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves! They are in no particular order.

  • minutae in the garden. There is good and interestng stuff everywhere. I have even started a wish list of things to plant.

  • school holidays...enough time to relax AND to do stuff, like make curry puffs and satay sticks on a whim!

  • a lovely goodbye gift from a workmate. And lemon verbena in the garden to make tea from.

  • the promise of the ocean next week...rain, hail or shine.

I have other lists of course -  lists of books to read, lists of recipes to try, lits of music to get from itunes, lists of "things" to save up for, lists of ideas for when I start my new job later in January. Also a shopping list for cake littlest man will be 9 tomorrow...time flies.
Happy New Year. X


  1. Hi Nell - i was thinking of nanna john too - the xmas we shared with you all at mum & dads and nanna and i on the veranadah chatting/laughing,her pretending not to hear jeanette!! telling me about before she was married
    rooming with a family while she taught - lovely. you have some wonderful memories to keep -

    on a lighter note - John wants those curry puffs!!!
    diane xx

  2. Well I will certainly arrive with a plate full when we visit. I will check in with you first to see if he's oging to be there. Will need someone to stack and light the pizza oven! Hope you had a great chrissy?

  3. Oh goodness, hope you're feeling better now. All those happy and sad thoughts at the end of a year! Onwards and upwards! It's fab to have a nanna guiding spirit, and I'm sure she's got a weather eye on you :)
    PS I love that your family call you Nell. It suits you so well.

    PPS: the WV is NESSELE, which is almost as good!

  4. hi nell - yes ! come visit - john is working 2 weeks from yesterday and so won't be down till fri 2oth!!!! this may decide him to retire - well maybe! not holding my breathe -