Sunday, 1 April 2012

the day after the night before...Material World from go to whoa

As previously mentioned, last night was the official (but casual!) opening of Material World, an exhibition that Martine Peters and I have been co-curating for a good few months now. Its full title was Material World - extraordinary environments made from ordinary things. Spectacular large scale art works, wonderful artists and a nice grass rootsy feel opening which ended with a candle lit gallery when we switched off the lights to observe Earth Hour. 
The artists were - 
Ampersand Duck
Tracey Deep
Mandy Gunn
Ruth Hingston
Ro Murray
Flossie Peitsch
Tony Steel
Fiona Veikkanen
This is pretty much a photo essay of the exhibition from go to whoa...

There was wine (thank you Casella Wines), there was cheese (Martine's cousin), there were candles (Malinda - Doobie Designs), chilled music (Tim's band) and we even got flowers, from the lovely Tracey Deep ( of my floral design heroes)!

Here's how it unfolds...

 talk a bit...(Narelle and Tony)

 get up the ladder...down the ladder...repeat...(Caren aka Ampersand Duck)

 measure...(Tony, Martine and Tracey)

 prune to make room for art...(Ruth)


 detail shots: Tony Steel, 'Terra Firma', mud, sticks and grass, wire, twine.

 detail shot: Ro Murray, Blue Gold II, poly water pipe, cable ties.

 gallery view 1

 gallery view 2

Mandy Gunn, Scroll, woven recycled paper, thread. 

 detail shot: as above.

 Tracey Deep, Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus branches.

Fiona Veikkanen, Sag Bag, reclaimed leather, foam, plastics, metal and rope.
 detail shot: as above

 detail shots: Flossie Peitsch, 'G' is for Gallery, found plastic letters

 Ampersand Duck, Shelf Life, altered vintage books.

 detail shot: as above

 Ruth Hingston, Cold Wash, Line Dry. Reclaimed packing and plastics.

invite a crowd....
switch off lights...

survey the damage!
What fun!

P.S Here's what I wrote in the intro of the mini case you have a longer attention span than just pictures...

"Developing Material World has been an engaging learning curve and an absolute pleasure.
When confronted with the prosaic and pristine physicality of the gallery space, each artist responded with their own highly sensory creation. Presented with the premise of environmental awareness and the challenge to work sustainably, the artists have seized the opportunity to remind us of the responsible use of energy and technology, the need to recycle, reuse, reforest and above all, to respect.

Tactile and curious, obscure and fanciful - these constructed environments are at once comfortable and peculiar. The use of familiar, found and repurposed materials draws us into their tableaux so that we, the audience become part of their ponderings. We do this by wandering through and around the installations, by casting our gaze upwards to the unattainable, by passing under the washing line and by participating in a virtual, collective commentary. 

We hope you enjoy exploring these extraordinary environments made from ordinary things."

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  1. This is a lovely collection of works...and words! sorry i missed the opening but will come in soon to say hello...