Thursday, 18 August 2011

An addition to "People I know"

I have to add this very special wedding to the list of flowers for people I know, on the previous post I made. There were lots of great things about this particular wedding, for Jodie and Ashley.

Firstly, Jo is a "friend of the family"...a funny, generic sort of term - our fathers worked together years ago and our families are all still great friends. Its a bit more special for me though, being the older of the two of us I remember when Jodie was born. In fact, she is the first little person I EVER remember being her Mum's bump, then being born and then watching her grow up!

We actually hardly ever get to see each other any more as life moves on, but I have some lovely and rather funny memories of her growing up ( I dont have a sister) and so it was such a treat - a real honour - to be asked to make up the flowers for her wedding.

Another great thing about it was the weather on the day...just an absolute stunner of a clear blue Sydney day, and an outdoor wedding to enjoy it - breeze whipping over the golf course and off the coastal cliffs.

Also, it was a HUGE challenge. After the event, I can happily confess that when Jo and I met up before the wedding to talk dresses, flowers, colour schemes and the like, I knew with a personality like hers it would be full scale colour, however I was quietly terrified with the prospect of complimenting the gowns her bridesmaids were wearing...I didnt quite know which way to go.  But I must have bluffed my way through, cos I think Jo (and her parents!) had blind confidence in me...and I think we pulled it off! And isn't she gorgeous!


  1. damn!! you made me cry! and its on my "list" of things not to do anymore!!
    you know we love you nell, and you are my other "girl" - for always!

  2. Aw, now you're making me teary! I wish I had more time to catch up with you all...will email soon, plenty to tell.X