Saturday, 6 August 2011

Inspiration from the environment

Lately I've been thinking about where I draw inspiration from when designing wedding bouquets and other botanical installations. 
Apart from the seasons which influence as well as inspire, I've been thinking about unexpected materials, landscapes and environments. A view of twisted, high reaching branches or a bundle of bleached twigs. Collections of plants growing alongside each other in botanic gardens. Bulbs and perennials mass planted in heritage gardens.

Maybe a bit of a stretch to your average wedding bouquet...but I try to avoid average! Here's an example -

twigs and branches 


Obviously there are all the other factors involved in designing wedding flowers...not least of all the bride's tastes, colour scheme, budget....but it's nice to dream!

It's always a treat to get a client who has some definite ideas to work with, but then is willing to add to and build upon them, incorporating unexpected plant materials, new groupings or a fresh take on the style. 

Thanks for looking again. XNP


  1. hmmmm twigs add that other dimension love it

  2. there's something sort of masculine/femanine about the twisty rough texture of branches/twigs and the softness of flowers - esp roses- what do you think??
    (apart from not being able to spell femmanine?!!)
    diane w

  3. hmmm...I hadn't really thought of masculine/feminine components, but I do look for unusual things to offset the roses, which so often have romantic connotations - which is I suppose the feminine thing! Good point Di!