Sunday, 7 August 2011

Week Four - pic a day...losing momentum?

Hooray for week four of the pic a day photo blog. I think we are losing some (as was bound to happen) but we are also gaining a few interested peeps - Louise McDaid, my lovely gardeny/flowery/arty friend from the big smoke (Sydney), Cate - a new friend from here in Canberra, Candice - a friend sending all the way from NZ and Malinda - an old friend from school days!
There is a decidedly low representation of males in the mix...anyone have suggestions?

Anyway...the theme for this week was HORIZONTAL LINES...turns out they are everywhere...

from Louise - 

From Cate - 

From Candice - 

From Malinda - 

From Amber - 

From Ali - 

From Jase - 

And me - 

Dickson Library...designed by Enrico Taglietti

Soooo....tune in net week for SELF PORTRAITS....
and I will try to find this photo blog a home of its own in the meantime.

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